Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Watercolor Wow - Brea Reese Brand Ambassador Post

Happy Tuesday!!  It's time for my latest Brea Reese brand ambassador post, and today I wanted to showcase all the amazing options Brea Reese has for watercoloring!  I created four cards, each with the same stamp but colored with a different medium.

This first card was made with the Glitter Inks!  I painted with a Water Brush so I could control the depth of the color.  I used Ultramarine Blue, Lake Blue and Violet for the flowers, and a mixture of Gold, Raw Umber and Pthalo Green for the leaves.

Now my newest Brea Reese obsession is the Liquid Metals!  I mixed the Silver with Watercolor Inks in Medium Magenta, Pink and Violet.  By mixing the inks up myself, I can control how much metallic sheen I want (SPOILER ALERT: I always want a lot!).

See those awesome spatters?  I made those with the leftover inks when I finished painting the flowers.  Just load up your brush and flick it with your fingertips!

I painted this one with the Watercolor Inks.  Some with water, some straight from the bottle.  Crimson Red, Medium Magenta and Pink.  I love how you can get so many shades of each color.

And this last one was colored with the awesome Watercolor Creams!

Be sure to check out the Watercolor Creams and all the other Brea Reese products!!  Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!

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