Friday, June 28, 2013

Bring On Christmas! New Release with The Stamping Chef!!

Happy Friday everyone!  I know there's talk online about Hobby Lobby already having Christmas merchandise in their stores, and I've got to say that I'm elated about it.  I like to get a jump start on all my Christmas projects and I'm already making Christmas cards, so I'm super happy that Tamara's got a new Christmasy release this week with The Stamping Chef!

Bring On Christmas not only features this adorable digi but you also get a Christmas title and digital papers.  Plus, for the weekend it's twenty percent off!!

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Thanks so much for looking everyone!  Laters!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sincity Stamps Design Team Application

Hi everyone and a VERY big HI to everyone at Sincity Stamps!  I'm really excited to post this project as the final step in my application process.

For my project, I decided to use my favorite stamping technique, an embossing resist.  I chose a wedding card because that's something sorta out-of-box for me, and I love a challenge.

I like the teal-turquoise ink color, I think it's unexpected and it's a stand-out against the white background.

Here's what you'll need to do an embossing resist technique:

  1. Heavy white cardstock.  I've been known to use poster board in the past, but my favorite is Core'dinations Smooth, or Core'dinations Gemstones Collection in Diamonds, which is what I used here.
  2. Versamark ink pad
  3. Clear embossing powder
  4. Heat gun or heat tool
  5. Dye-based ink pad (I used Peacock Feathers by Tim Holtz)
  6. Any stamp (I prefer a background with a lot of solid space rather than fine details)
First thing you will do is ink up your stamp with the Versamark.  If you're going to use a die-cut shape, such as the circles I used to create my rosettes, you'll want to die-cut the cardstock before stamping.

Next, pour clear embossing powder over the stamped image.  Make sure you get a good coat of powder and shake off all your excess onto scrap paper or a coffee filter to return to the jar.

Carefully heat the powder with your heat gun.  I like to move my gun around to ensure I don't burn my paper.  The powder will be semi-invisible when it's heated, you'll have to tilt the cardstock in the light to see the embossing.  If you miss any areas with the heat gun, when you go to ink it you'll see where you missed because the ink won't resist and the powder will smear.

Set your piece(s) aside to cool for a bit.  I like to give them a good ten minutes just to make sure the powder is totally set, otherwise I could make it flake off when I apply the ink.

When your embossing has cooled,, take a sponge or an ink blending tool with a sponge on it, and apply your ink over the embossing.  The white will show through and resist the ink, creating your dimensional, colorful image.

I make sure to run my sponge around the edge of the embossed paper too, to give it extra dimension.

In the case of these flowers, I used three circles for each rosette.  After they were stamped, embossed and inked, I punched a hole in the center and stacked them with a rhinestone brad.  Then I began crunching and wrinkling the circles until they formed wavy flowers.  There's no rhyme or reason to this technique, you can make it as fluffy or as flat as you want.

I think the embossing resist adds a lot of dimension to these flowers, but you can use it for card backgrounds and all sorts of projects.

Thank you, Sincity Stamps, for giving me the opportunity to apply for your design team.  I hope you liked what you saw!

Friday, June 21, 2013

New Release - SuperHero Stuff - With The Stamping Chef!!

Happy Friday everyone!  This week Tamara is trying something different with her new release with The Stamping Chef!  Instead of just releasing a new image, she's releasing a digital set instead!  SuperHero Stuff includes three digital papers, plus the B&W and colored version of KAPOW!  Here's the card I created with it:

Now through Monday, SuperHero Stuff will be twenty percent off in the shop!  Hurry and pick it up before the sale ends!

And speaking of Monday, I'm linking up to the party at Make It Monday this week!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Tenth Anniversary Twilight Saga!!!!

So I'm not even sure if the day that Stephenie began writing The Saga counts as the anniversary date, but I guess that's what the fandom's going with so it's what I'll go with.  (For the record, I also plan to celebrate the anniversaries of all the films' release dates and the books, too, with Twilight-themed crafts so stay tuned!)

I made this card for a very good friend's birthday, and even though it was (very) late getting to her, I wanted to share it and hope she forgives my lateness.

Oh how I miss my Saga.

I always favor this photo.  1) it's really cute 2) it's important in the books and 3) it was cut from the movie for NO GOOD REASON (which is what you can say about everything cut from the movie except the scene with the Volturi in the beginning).  I still don't understand what the studio/Condon were doing.  I mean really.  That said, parts of this scene in the book really grate on me.  Bella wouldn't stay a human for years for ANY reason, regardless of how good Edward was in bed.  Stephenie made an OOPSIE there.  But I digress.

I made the flowers a little flatter than I usually like so they could go through the mail safely.  I still love how it turned out.

Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Twilight Forever!  Laters!