Monday, March 18, 2019


Updating this post to say that the giveaway is OFFICIALLY CLOSED and isn't happening.  Long story, not sure I feel like bitching about it here.  But I bitch a lot on Twitter so you may wanna check there.

This was so much fun.  I gathered a bunch of scraps from the Watercolor Paper Pad and created the patchwork backgrounds.  Then I added the Hello die cut sentiment, which I cut three times and glued together for dimension.

Just a few challenges:

Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!

So Sweet and Thoughtful - Brea Reese Brand Ambassador Post

Hi everyone!  I've got a new Brea Reese Brand Ambassador post for you today, with a watercolored fruit card.  I've been really into lemons this year, in my decor and of course in my crafting.  I wanted to play around with my new Watercolor Pencils so I picked this fun and fruity image to work with.  The pencils come in two color groups, Jewel and Classic.  I used colors from both for this card.  When using watercolor pencils, I like to color the outlines and scribble in the center, blend with a water brush, then layer darker colors.  For the sentiment strip, I scribbled the pencil all over but then got called away and didn't blend it right away.  The lines didn't blur as much once the pencil had some time to set, giving me some awesome texture that mimicked clouds.  I can tell I'm going to be using these pencils a lot.

And we have some exciting news to share!!  Brea Reese products are now being sold at Target!!  There are some fabulous gift sets and they're the perfect way to jump into Brea Reese if you haven't already!!

Be sure to check out the Classic Watercolor Pencils and all the other Brea Reese products!!  Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!

Sunday, March 17, 2019



Quite frankly I could share some choice reasons why, but I prefer to be more positive on my blog.  You might check my Twitter page though.

Today I made something for St. Patrick's Day that is still NOT a St. Patrick's Day card.

I used the Metallic Ink paper pad for my background.  Then I used the Hello Fetti dies for the sentiment.   The shamrock is left over from a card I made earlier this week.

Just a few challenges for this card:

Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

31 Days of Crafting - Day Sixteen - Shattered Dreams

Happy Saturday!!!  The radio stations here are having an all-80s weekend which is my favorite kind of music.  A few of the songs I hadn't heard in awhile so I pulled out my old CDs and one in particular really stuck with me. Remember "Shattered Dreams"?  That was a great song. Anyways, I was playing that song on repeat and this card came together.  The background looks like shattered gems or rocks and I just love how it turned out. Plus it's PURPLE, which is my favorite color.  I hadn't made a mostly-purple card in a bit and they always make me happy.

I also kind of think it's Twilight-inspired.  The colors, the dreamcatcher, makes me wanna watch the movies.

(It looks WAY more purple than pink in person.  And the dream is actually silver but it kinda looks rose in this picture. It's REALLY gloomy today, makes for bad photos.)

Just a few challenges:

Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting!  Laters!!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

31 Days of Crafting - Day Fourteen - I Come In Peace!

I protect the gammaquadrant from the threat of invasion, I come in peace!!  Toy Story is one of the greatest movies ever made,  IMNSHO.  It's clever, cute, and who doesn't love toys??  Buzz Lightyear has always been my brother's favorite, so I made him this card for his birthday.

Yeah, yeah, the front is awesome, look inside!!

Just a few challenges:

Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

31 Days of Crafting - Day Thirteen - Happy Ken Day!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!  I'll bet some of you think today is a celebration of guys named Ken, but in actuality it's a day to honor Barbie's boyfriend!  Ya'all already know I love Barbie, and I celebrated her birthday with a special card on Saturday.  I thought Ken should be celebrated too, but I didn't make a birthday card this year I went with a love card.  After all, Barbie and Ken have had an on-off relationship for 58 years!!

Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!