Sunday, July 13, 2014


I don't know why people "celebrate" the day that someone died.  I know they remember it, there's no forgetting it.  But people have get togethers and masses and things, and I'm always confused by it, a little.  Then I realized a few weeks ago that it's only confusing to me because that's not how I cope with things.  I don't wanna talk and be maudlin and depressed.  I try to remember good things and go on from there.

This day is NOTHING compared to the day my grandmother died, and I have a whole other set of emotions set aside for that day.  But today is a sad day for me, because I don't have to know someone to feel bad for them and to miss them.

A year ago today, Cory Monteith died.  And 364 days ago, at this exact time, I read on FB that he had died.  Glee changed forever that day.  Music changed.  I changed.

Everyone has stuff that they love, and I loved Glee.  The most played songs on my iPod?  All Glee covers.  Glee was Finn and Rachel and now that's broken forever.  No happy ending for that show.

It makes me wonder, a little, why some actors can't behave like adults just long enough to finish a freaking series (see: Gossip Girl) without hating each other so much that the series suffers.

I mentioned before not understanding how other people remember the day someone they loved died.  I realized that I remember things with art and with music.

So today, I'll watch Glee, and I'll listen to Cory sing, and I'll make art.  That's how I deal.  That's what makes me feel better.

Also, I made this.

I don't like sympathy cards, so I made this instead.  My contribution on a day like this.  Hugs to all my Gleeks today.

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