Thursday, January 2, 2014

Silver Linings All Around

Hi and Happy New Year!  I'm starting the year out with a bang!  I WON a prize on Tim Holtz's blog for my December tag!  I can't believe it!

ALSO it makes me SO HAPPY that Archiver's is finally closing.  I hope their HR people and upper management find people as lovely as they are to work with in their future endeavors.  What went on in that store is beyond comprehension or explanation.  Karma, man.

That said, I'm starting out the new year with a cold which is kinda the scary omen I didn't wanna start this year with.  Nine times outta ten I get sick on New Year's Eve.  I want a GOOD New Year, people!  No negativity but I'm worrisome.

Anyways, I've got lots of new projects on the horizon, but I just wanted to get this up on my blog:

YAYYYYYYY!  :)  Laters!

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