Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ocean Explorer - Brea Reese Brand Ambassador Post

Happy Tuesday!  I've got another Brea Reese brand ambassador post today, and it's all about mermaids!!  This week I'm experimenting with the Brea Reese Glitter Inks and a faux alcohol ink look.  I really wanted to achieve that because my chemical allergies keep me from playing with alcohol inks.  That's another thing I love about the entire Brea Reese line.  It's low or no odor so nothing sets off my allergies!!  I used felt to apply just one color, Ultramarine Blue, diluted with water.  By sliding the ink and the water back and forth and then dabbing the ink on, it dried with this awesome finish that looks like moving water. 

Wanna know how I got the color on the glitter die cuts?  Brea Reese Alcohol Markers!  I used the Brights and Pastels sets.  They blended over the glitter beautifully and it didn't damage the tip.

Be sure to check out the Glitter Inks and all the other Brea Reese products!!  Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!

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