Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Brea Reese Brand Ambassador Post - Fancy Florals

Happy Tuesday all!  This is my first post as a Brea Reese brand ambassador and I'm so excited about it!!  If you haven't tried the fabulous Brea Reese line you must!  The Glitter Inks are my favorite right now.  Sparkly, shimmery and all around amazing.  In the coming weeks you'll see in my posts just how many things you can do with these fabulous inks.  On this card I used Violet, Pink and Orange Glitter Inks over dried white Texture Paste!  I love how the colors tint the paste, but don't fully camouflage the detailed texture.

The glitter makes it a bit hard to photograph but you can really see it if you zoom in.  You can also see the texture of the paste.  This stuff is great.

Be sure to check out the Glitter Inks and all the other Brea Reese products!!  Thanks so much for looking and happy crafting.  Laters!!

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