Friday, January 31, 2014

Love To Create Challenge Blog Design Team Call

Happy Friday.  It's FINALLY the weekend!  I'm going to be snowed in and spending it in my craft room, YAY!  Today I've got a Valentine's Day card to share with you, but it can also be used as a romantic card any time of the year.  I created this card special for the Design Team Call at Love To Create Challenge Blog.  Love To Create is a favorite of mine, and when I saw this call, I knew I had to apply.

This is the inspiration photo for the call.  I love the range of colors, and yes, I want to eat the cookies. :)

The call required a card with a fancy fold and the colors above.  I knew instantly that I wanted to make a twisted easel card 'cause I'd never created one before.

This is how the card looks closed, before you open it. It's very dimensional and would have to go in a box and not an envelope.

And here it is open.  Ta da!  The easel stays put 'cause the little sentiment tag holds it in place.

Close up of the inside.  I made the flowers myself with hand-painted paper.  I like to be creative and make my own embellishments rather than buy them.

And a close up of the bow, stick pin and flowers on the card front.

I've had a blast making this card.  I hope everyone over at Love To Create likes it, too.  I want to thank them for this amazing opportunity!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Be You

It has taken me hours to do this post because my STUPID computer is being so slow.  I just don't get it. It's moving at the speed of the turtles (The Slowskys!) in the AT&T commercials.

Anyways.  I've got a card to share with you really quick, specifically created for the sketch challenges at Creative Card Crew and Seems A Little Sketchy (don't you just love that name?).  Here's what I created.

I'm so happy with how she turned out but I've gotta get off this computer now before I literally throw it down the stairs!!  Need caffeine and a break from technology!  Laters!!

Project Runway Challenge - Week Two

Last season (or maybe it was two seasons ago) while watching Project Runway, I thought to myself that it would be fun to create cards based on the challenges the designers work with every week.  I thought, this would be interesting.  And I started to do the projects, and then I got busy and the holidays and bam, only did it for like, three weeks.

So this year, I'm starting it over.  There's a new PR spinoff this season called Under The Gunn and already, I love it. Who doesn't love Tim?  Anyways the first week the designers had to use specific projects and I'm still working on that project, but Week 2 is done, so here it is.

This card is also my second opportunity to apply for the Hobbycutz Design Team.  The theme for this weeks' challenge is Lots of Layers, and as you can see, I paper-pieced the dress and flower with multiple layers of handmade and mulberry papers, and added shimmery and glittery accents.  This was also my first project with a new stamp set that I got for my birthday. I'm SO happy with how it turned out.

This week on Project Runway, they challenged the designers to create something that shows who THEY are as a designer.  This is who I am.  Colors, glitter, bling, a lot going on but it's all cohesive.  Artsy and feminine at the same time.  A tiny hint of vintage along with a modern flair.

I'm also going to link up to my favorite linky parties, Make It Monday and Just Be Creative Crazy.

Thank you SO much for looking and wish me luck with Hobbycutz!!  Laters!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Raven Wings

Happy Saturday morning!  I'm starting out my weekend my favorite way.  SBTB reruns and ART!  I'm hurrying to finish a few cards for the DT Call over at Hobbycutz.  Their challenge this week is Lots of Layers, so I did something different with my layering on this card.

Yes there are a few layered mats on the card, but the real layering is in the wings, and the skirt.  It's hard to tell in the photo but the wings are five layers and the skirt has four alternating layers of tulle.

I made the corset out of layers of twine I twisted together, too.  I like piling stuff onto a card, it just changes everything about it.

I'm obviously entering the challenge/DT Call at Hobbycutz this week, but I"m also entering my favorite linky parties, Make It Monday and Just Be Creative Crazy.  Have a great weekend all, I'll be back with another entry in a few hours. Laters!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Capture Your Dreams

That's good advice, don't you think?  I actually heard a parent tell their child the other day that dreaming was a waste of time. I totally disagree.  Dreaming is essential.

I'm so inspired by feathers and Native American art lately, probably in part due to my Twilight obsession (I'm TEAM EDWARD but I still like the dream catchers!).  This was my first project using this die and these stamps, and I'm so excited for how it turned out.

My favorite thing is how the feathers came out. I used some techniques I hadn't tried before and I'm super happy with the results.

I'm entering this in some challenges, of course:

Thank you so much for looking.  More coming tomorrow, and believe it or not, it might be...dare I say it....CAS!!!  Laters!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Flurries!  The snow had finally stopped falling and then FLURRIES!  I can handle flurries.  There's already like, eighteen total inches of snow on the ground so yeah I'm down with not having to shovel!

I do LOVE wintery, snowy card projects though.  I made this card for the sketch challenge at Tis The Season Stamping.  It's my first time playing with them, I'm really excited.

I decided to make two versions of this card, 'cause I'm really indecisive.

I'm entering these challenges:

Thanks so much for looking.  Time for me to catch up on my shows.  Laters!

Come To My Window....

.....crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon....oh you know me and my music everything has a lyrical inspiration in there somewhere!

I got this brand-new Tim Holtz die for Christmas and I just had to hurry up and whip something up with it.  I just love how it turned out. I'll be making LOTS of projects with this window die, it's awesome.

I'm entering this in some challenges:

Thanks so much for looking.  I'm off to play with more of my new toys.  Laters!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Warm Wishes

Wishful thinking!!  We're finally above ZERO here in the D so I just had to make a winter card to celebrate our record cold and soon-to-be record snowfall.

The inspiration for this card was this sketch from Cardabilities!  I used a new die I got for Christmas, had braided and dyed twine, and some scraps to create this.  Super happy with how it turned out!

You can't really see it but the skates are shimmery and so is the "warm wishes" banner.

I'm linking this card to a bunch of challenges and linky parties this week!

Thanks so much for looking.  I'm excited to be back to crafting and looking forward to a creative 2014.  Laters!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Silver Linings All Around

Hi and Happy New Year!  I'm starting the year out with a bang!  I WON a prize on Tim Holtz's blog for my December tag!  I can't believe it!

ALSO it makes me SO HAPPY that Archiver's is finally closing.  I hope their HR people and upper management find people as lovely as they are to work with in their future endeavors.  What went on in that store is beyond comprehension or explanation.  Karma, man.

That said, I'm starting out the new year with a cold which is kinda the scary omen I didn't wanna start this year with.  Nine times outta ten I get sick on New Year's Eve.  I want a GOOD New Year, people!  No negativity but I'm worrisome.

Anyways, I've got lots of new projects on the horizon, but I just wanted to get this up on my blog:

YAYYYYYYY!  :)  Laters!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals and Accomplishments

To see how I faired with my 2013 goals, click here.

1) Watch S1 Veronica Mars
2) Watch S2 Veronica Mars
3) Watch S3 Veronica Mars
4) Watch all five Twilight movies over no more than five days
5) Watch both versions of BD1 in the same night
6) Watch BD1 & BD2 in the same night
7) Organize ALL SU stuff
8) Organize punches
9) Use an ENTIRE 12x12 paper pad
10) Use an entire 6x6 paper pad
11) Use at least two 8x8 paper pads
12) Rewatch all of S3 Glee
13) Hang all your posters/prints
14) Rewatch the entire series of Roswell
15) Finish one of your scrapbooks--ANY of them will do
16) Watch the following movies:

  • Friends With Kids
  • Love Wedding Marriage 5/17 B-
  • No Strings Attached
  • People Like Us
  • The Romantics
  • The Runaways
  • Struck By Lighting
  • The Switch
  • When In Rome
  • You Again

2014 Movies Watched By Week:

1) Twilight x 2, 13 Going on Thirty
2) Chocolat
3) Mona Lisa Smile
5) Dazed and Confused
6) The Heat
8) Endless Love (A!)
9)  Vampire Academy (C-)
10)  Austenland (C)
11) Drive Me Crazy
12) Veronica Mars (A+!)
13) Burlesque, Sleepless In Seattle
14) Burlesque, Drive Me Crazy, Cruel Intentions
19)  Pitch Perfect, 13 Going On 30
20)  Love, Wedding, Marriage (B-), You've Got Mail, Pitch Perfect
21)  I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (I know, I know, I'm nuts, it sucks even worse now!)

Creative Goals:

1) Ten Design Teams Made (8) (+ 2 GDT spots!)
2) 327 Challenges Entered [300 plus the 27 I was short last year!] (271)
3) 50 Linky Parties Entered (40)
4) 350 Cards Made
5) At least six swaps joined (1)
6) Finish craft room decor
7) Create canvases for bedroom
8) Make red, black and clear bracelet for yourself
9) Twilight photos matted and hung

Cards Completed By Month:

Jan: 16
Feb: 8
Mar: 24
Apr: 11
May: 10
Jun: 10
Jul: 23
Aug: 7
Sep: 16
Oct: 22
Nov: 19
Dec: 13

Year Goal: 350
Year Actual: 177

INK UP All Those Unused Stamps

Year Goal: 250
Year Actual: 174

Swagbucks Year Goal: $420 ($35 per month)
Actual: $900

By Month:

Jan: $75
Feb: $50
Mar: $75
Apr: $75
May: $75
Jun: $75
Jul: $75
Aug: $75
Sep: $75
Oct: $75
Nov: $75
Dec: $100