Monday, May 13, 2013

Mega Meet 2013

Every year I vow to be more active and involved and absorb more at my favorite event of the year, the Great Lakes Mega Meet! Anyone who's ever attended knows the level of AWESOME that exists within these walls.

This year I wanted to make ALL the free Make N Takes, and I wanted to spend an hour each day watching Tim Holtz demo.  I wanted to get my book signed and I would've wanted to take a picture with Tim, but being that I'm the world's worst photo subject, I don't wanna ruin a perfectly good photo of Tim.

I have to admit, and I'm sad to do so, that I didn't accomplish my goals this year.  I *forgot* my book for Tim to sign, and while I thought about simply buying another copy, I decided that wasn't in the budget when I was trying to complete collections on the Distress Stains, Perfect Pearls Mists, and Dylusions sprays (also fails, but there's always the shows in August, October and November!).  I didn't have time to do any make and takes due to a vicious migraine that claimed most of Thursday.  The worst part--and I don't care if I sound whiny here--is that it was impossible to actually watch Tim do anything.  There were only eight chairs and then people at least two rows deep behind the chairs. I am short.  It was hard to see what he was doing from a great distance, and those women sit down and stay there for the entire show.  It really was ridiculous. I think the demos should be rotated.  He does one thing, then the people switch out, he does another.  It's only fair.

Okay done ranting.  This is the make-and-take inspired card I made, because the lines were nuts so I couldn't wait to make it, but thought this was awesome.

My eyes don't move like theirs did, but it's close!

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