Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mother's Day Cards in my Etsy Shop!!

Good Morning everyone!  Yes it's morning 'cause I'm still awake!!!  I'm an insomniac who works best in the middle of the night with TNT drama reruns and 90s Nickelodeon in the background.  (Hums the theme song to Clarissa Explains It All...)

Anyways it's time for me to list my Mother's Day card collection on Etsy!  I realize I'm actually about a week too late for this but whatever, time gets away from you when you're organizing/crafting/watching reruns of Saved By the Bell....

See these and other great cards now in my shop and remember that you can always request custom work!

Happy Mother's Day Floral A2 Greeting Card Moms Mothers Mommy

Pink and Gold Happy Mother's Day A7 Card Butterflies Metallic Mom Mommy Mothers Card

Happy Mother's Day Big Floral A2 Card Mother's Mom Mommy Floral Card

Happy Mother's Day Green and Gold Floral A7 Card Mom Mothers Mommy Card Floral Gold

Happy Mother's Day Bronze Butterfly A7 Card Mom's Mother Mommy Card Butterflies

I'm off to get a few hours sleep before spending tomorrow making--wait for it--Father's Day cards!  Thanks so much for looking!  Laters!!

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