Sunday, March 31, 2013

31 Days of Crafting - Day Thirty-One - Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!  I just wanna share the Easter tag card I made for my mom with you today.  Then I'm off to eat a completely delicious, completely unorthodox Easter dinner.  Baked cheese penne and garlic bread.  YUM!

TRUTH: Tags aren't the easiest to photograph.

TRUTH #2: They're super-hard to photograph when they're blue and my carpet is blue (and my carpet is never not blue) and I haven't created a light-box yet to take photos in.  I should add that to my goal list.

Even though it didn't photograph well, I'm proud of it. I die-cut a hinged tag, then I created a frame with another tag.  I made all the embellishments but the glitter egg on the pot myself.  I looooove creating my own embellishments, just makes the cards more special.

ETA: My mom  LOVED the tag, she's got it on display in the living room.  Makes me feel great.

I'm off to eat my garlicy dinner.  Laters!!!

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